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FREE cooling fan cleaning with repairs!!

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We offer excellent and timely service in the east end of Toronto

Being mobile and modular we are able to provide local on-site service through a very talented and trustworthy support team.
Our "no fix = no fee" policy brings a worry free approach to fixing todays most common or complex tech related issues. If we are not able to solve the issue or offer alternative work-around - then the service call is FREE. If we diagnose the issue and our cost to resolve the issue is too high, all you pay is the diagnostic fee (the cooling fan cleaning is still free).

Eric Boyce

Quickly and effectively recognizing the problem and then solving it is Eric's specialty. He truly has earned the name the Solutionist.

We work with PC and MAC computers. APPLE, ANDROID, WINDOWS AND BLACKBERRY devices too.

We aren't limited to just computers and laptops. We also offer troubleshooting, training and repairs to cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices.

Need a website? WE ARE CREATIVE

Contact us for a quote. No matter how small, or large the project is we are always able to help get you moving in the right direction. We have various clients that require us to be diverse in our online offerrings. We range from SEO (search engine optimization) to social media campaigns, from websites to advertising and marketing campaigns, from viral videos to commercial blogs - we do it all.

Need training? WE ARE EXPERTS

Whether you're interested in learning the basics of how to use a computer; word processors or spreadsheet programs; or how to network and monitor the computers in your home or office. We are here for you!

Have questions? WE ARE MODERN

Sometimes the problem is easily fixed over the phone - you have our guarantee that we will not sell you anything you don't need. Our HONESTY and INTEGRITY is above all what we hold in high esteem. We want you to be a happy and healthy long-term customer - and we want you to refer us to your friends and family. Thats why we have the "no fix = no fee" policy.

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